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6 Types of dances to practice for better health

Dances To Practice For Better Physical And Mental Health

There are not only 6 types of dances to practice for better health, as dance is an integral part of our day-by-day life.

The question is, what are the best dances to practice? 

Almost everyone enjoys this practice, and it’s not astonishing to search out folks tapping or swirling their hips each time they’re listening to a great beat. 

No matter, you move your body with the sound of joy, celebrations, or contentment.

Dancing involves the rush of happy feelings, which ensures complete physique and emotional stability. 

Shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance have over 24 million folks throughout the globe.

Latin-inspired dance exercises additionally attract over 10 million individuals each week. 

Ideally, attend dance courses for less than three days per week; you’ll descend about 20 kilos in a single year. 

To get all these, enroll in your dance courses in a dependable and esteemed dance studio that has all the crucial amenities and certified instructors. 

Most of these dance studios supply fairly a quantity of dance types such as hip-hop, jazz, tango, faucet, and ballroom dance simply to say just a few.

Besides this, you want to select a dance type that you might be comfy with.

Every dance type has its distinctive well-being and health advantages.

In this article, let’s understand the 6 types of dances to practice for better physical and mental health in 2021

Ballet dance

6 Types of dances to practice for better health


This form of dancing originated during the Italian Renaissance in the mid-fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. 

In modern days, ballet dances are choreographed and presented by trained ballet dancers.

Unlike classical ballet, modern ballet dance is performed in simple costumes and without much need for intricate cliques or environment. 

Ballet dance is described to be sleek and fluid in nature, thus a bunch of folks is favored to assume that it’s one of these dance kinds which don’t require rather a lot of effort and vitality. 

This shouldn’t be at all times the case; it requires super energy and management. 

In addition to this, it requires a great deal of dedication to amassing all the crucial abilities; rather a lot of self-discipline than the different dance sorts and a complete physique precision. 

It is one of the few dance kinds with fairly a quantity of guidelines which the dancer should adhere to.

The most commonly performed ballet dance style is the Ballet Blanc or known as Romantic Ballet and the famous choreograph, Jules Perrot in Giselle is regarded as the most talented romantic ballet dancer. 


Physical Health

Mental Health

It provides impeccable physique fitness, coordination by enhancing the flexibility, strength, and posture of the muscles since the ballet dance comprises dynamic and static stretching. Ballet dance enhances your mental agility, cognitive development, confidence, and focus as this style of dancing requires balance in the left and the right sides of your body.
Excellent ‘all in one’ exercise to make your body leaner and stronger, stimulates your weight loss, shred the excess fats, and improves the tone of your muscle thereby giving you a good body image. It helps in producing chemicals called ‘endorphins’ in your body to reduce pain and catalyze the feeling of happiness, pleasure, and tranquillity.

Latin dance

6 types of dances to practice for better physical and mental health in 2021


This is the type of dance that is recognized with a fiery angle; fast and sharp steps with rather a lot of hip motion.

It is dawned in the indigenous cultures of South and Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean and performed in the festivals and rites as the figurative illustration of traditional beliefs.

Many dance kinds in this class, equivalent to the Mambo Merengue and Salsa require a companion, nevertheless; you may go for different choices equivalent to the Zumba, a dancing type where a companion shouldn’t be obligatory.

In most instances, Latin dances are characterized by quick beats of about 160 and 210 beats per minute. 


Physical Health Mental Health
It burns off 410+ calories per hour, considerably increases your robustness and cardiac health wellbeing.  Soothes your stress, mental fatigue, helps cope up with depression, and most importantly insomnolence.
 Targets all muscle groups in your body, especially in the backbone muscle groups as the dance entails twisting and pulling the muscle groups around this area, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, joints pain, and stiffness. Boosts self-esteem, helps in sustaining a stronger relationship, calms your mind, and enhances your memory.

Masala Bhangra 


You have to literally stop yelling “balle-balle” in this form of dancing as it is one of the hottest of Northern India’s Magnetic swinging rhythmic dance. 

In this dance, the arms need a lot of movement. It is a traditional folk-dance step with mixed styles from Bollywood, HipHop, and Salsa tunes. 

This dancing style is very simple, and not arduous to follow. It is generally how you want to express yourself in the tune of the music or the beats. 

As the name ‘Masala’ means spicy in the Hindi language, no matter how ludicrous you move your body, you can be ready for your own bhangra to crack the dance floor. 

Previously, Bhangra is mainly danced by men, however, with the excellent swap to the fitness centers and gyms, women started participating in Bhangra dance making people all over the world even competing in the bhangra dance contests and competitions. 


Physical Health Mental Health
It generally is a good exercise for the injured rotator cuff muscle groups. Provides muscle toning, builds stamina and endurance. Reduces tensions, helps you sleep better, and releases endorphins to relax pain and panic attacks.
 Help lose weight, a big calorie burner over 500 kcal in one session and improves cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness, and aids in managing blood pressure at optimum levels Boosts your metabolic rate and blood flow to empower your memory, cognitive skills, and decisions making abilities.

Jazz dance

6 types of dances to practice for better physical and mental health in 2021jazz dance


Jazz dance is used to describe jazz-influenced modern forms of dance and popular stage dance, with the exception to tap dance. 

The long-lasting style or type of dance is Jazz. It actually originates as a merger of ethnic African dances and European dance techniques in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 

It is one of the most creative forms of dance, produces all the versatility of dance moves, and incorporates in one dance style like Broadway Jazz, Afro-Jazz, Latino-Jazz, and cakewalk. 

This form of dancing requires a lot of endurance since the dance entails “large and dynamic moves” such as using feet, arm, and hand positions, timing shape and movements including body rolls, jazz walks, sultry slides, and sharp kicks which requires the use of the overall physique. 


Physical Health Mental Health
Develops arms and legs strength, lengthens the larger muscles of the lower back. Increases mental coordination strengthens the mindbody connection, creates euphoric expressions, and helps in depression.
Boosts stamina and endurance reduces the risk of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, and helps maintain homeostasis. Enables to express emotions, boosts selfconfidence, and inspires confidence in oneself.

Tap dance

tap dance soulverz


In this type, dancers put on sneakers with metallic plates that are normally attached to each the forefoot and the heel. 

They use them to make percussive sounds. Thought to have started in the mid-eighteenth century. The tap dancers make frequent use of rhythms played together to make a piece of music off-beat, also known as syncopation

The common steps include mainly leap, ball change, hop, double shuffles, flap, flap ball change, running flaps. To create an alternative step, these basic steps are consolidated. 

The steps are kept simple and easy to control in the group tap dance, the dancers must create the sound, keeping their movement and steps synchronized at the right impulse. 

The tap dance shoes have leather soles. The most widely used shoes are oxford and Mary Jane which is common for younger girls in the tap-dancing sessions.

The shoes are added with a metallic tap, mounted by screws to the sole of the shoe. tap dance shoes soulverz


Physical Health Mental Health
Increases flexibility in the hips, knees, and ankles. Helps burn 250 calories, strengthens fast-twitch muscle groups.  Relieves stress, empowers mental fitness by boosting cognitive and reasoning abilities.
Reduces back pain, prevent injuries, and improve your body posture. Eliminates pressure, mental breakdown helps gain social capabilities.

HIP-HOP dance

Hip-hop dance soulverz


The three main aspects of the hip hop dance style are breaking, locking, and Popping. The most popular form of hip-hop dance is the ‘Moonwalk’ created by Michael Jackson in 1983 during his performance of Billie Jean. 

It was created in New York City by Latino Americans, African-Americans, and Caribbean Americans. 

Breakdancing (breaking) or B-girling is a rhythmic and dynamic style of dance that is developed as the major symbolic culture of hip-hop dance. 

Locking initially called campbellocking, involves the dancer holding their positions longer. It is the primary move in locking or a sudden pause. It is mostly character-driven and playful. 

Popping is more illusory than the other two hip-hop dance styles. The dancers push the boundaries of what they can do with their bodies, they used the techniques of quickly relaxing and contracting muscles to cause a jerk in their bodies, also referred to as a ‘pop or a hit.’


Physical Health Mental Health
Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, strengthen the muscles and joints, The exercise with hip-hop music reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.
Increases heartbeat (for cardiac patients), muscle flexibility, and boosts physical activity. Cognitive benefits and psychological abilities enhance certain social and intellectual aptitudes.

In Conclusion 

Dancing is for everybody. It can be a way to remain fit and active for people of any gender, age, shape, or size. 

It not only helps you maintain good health but also acts as a great way to form, build, and sustain relationships. It has been practiced since time primeval. 

However, if joining dance classes is one of your resolution in 2021, there are few bonus tips I like you to know: 

  • If you are over 40-45 years of age, consulting with your physician is a good checklist to see if you have any medicinal conditions. 
  • Before and after dancing, drink plenty of water. 
  • Repose and watch some YouTube videos to learn the moves first. Calm down after a dance session. 
  • Always double-check with your dance instructor that you are performing the techniques or movements correctly. 

Nevertheless, Dancing is fun. Take it easy.