Become A Certified Web Developer From Scratch (Enroll Free)

Become A Certified Web Developer From Scratch (Enroll Free)

Web Developer

You can enroll free to become a certified web developer.

Being a web developer, you can work in a corporation or provide a freelancing service. 

Web development is one of the outstanding jobs in this pestilence. 

The instructor designed this web developer course to be a one-stop solution for web development practice. 

It incorporates the most popular web technologies and enables quick and thorough learning

You get a perfect platform to be a certified web developer to start your web development journey. 

Most of the content is relevant and exciting. 

Each section has theory and practical sessions, and you will develop a project after each module. 

It will ensure that you comprehend all the knowledge and use it in your work. 

The instructor has focused on creating practical, real-world examples which will help you have an excellent conceptual learning experience.

Web Developer Course Contents 

Languages you will learn are: 

  • HTML and CSS – You will learn a comprehensive training in HTML5 and CSS3. 
  • JavaScript and jQuery – Learn the powerful web script and use it to build amazing web apps. 
  • XML, JSON, and Ajax – Master these technologies and create secure and efficient web services. 
  • PHP and MySQL- Learn the most famous server scripting technology with immensely popular MySQL RDBMS to build complex systems and websites using these.
  • Yii – One of the most prominent PHP frameworks. Build Web 2.0 sites with ease with this framework.

Here is the complete section of what you will learn in each topic to elaborate on all the subjects. 


  • Introduction to Web Programming. 


  • HTML and CSS Fundamentals
  • HTML Tools 
  • Creating and working with a HTML Document. 
  • Apply CSS to an HTML Document.
  • HTML lists and tables.
  • HTML forms
  • HTML and CSS Project.

JavaScript and jQuery 

  • JavaScript fundamentals.
  • jQuery fundamentals.
  • Variables and Arrays
  • JavaScript Functions 
  • Events and Event Handling
  • jQuery Events and Effects.
  • Tabbed Form Project. 

XML, JSON, and Ajax

  • JSON Fundamentals.
  • XML Fundamentals.
  • XML with DTD Schema
  • Looping through JSON Array
  • Ajax Fundamentals
  • Fetching Data with Ajax 
  • Movie Select project


  • PHP fundamentals
  • Environment Setup
  • PHP variables and Arrays
  • PHP Loops
  • Functions, Include and Require
  • Conditionals and RegEx


  • MySQL Fundamentals
  • PHPMyAdmin and Queries 
  • PHP with MySQL Data
  • Insert into MySQL with HTML Forms
  • MySQLi OOP
  • Using PDO and prepared statements
  • myTask project – part 1
  • myTask project – part 2 


  • What is a framework
  • Yii overview
  • Prepare and create a web app
  • Gii 0 Controllers and view 
  • Gii – Models and CRUD
  • Yii tech website 


Once you finish the course, you can generate the certificate

Good luck, and build cool projects. 

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