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Download free ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Video Tutorials

ClickBank free tutorial video

Hey Yo Guys, Welcome to the free ClickBank affiliate marketing video tutorials.

Well, many of you might know about Affiliate Marketing already. 

If not, no worries. Let me walk you through the brief intro about affiliate marketing. 

There are 3 ways that you can make money online, 

  • By Selling Your Own Products or Services. 

This can mean physical products or virtual goods such as eBooks that you can sell on eCommerce websites like Amazon, eBay, OLX.  

Likewise, for the physical products, you can sell clothes, shoes, bags, and whatnot. Correct? 

However, this business method’s drawback is that not all people have a product or service to sell. 

So that brings us to the second business model.

  • Selling Advertisement Space. 

To make the most out of it, with this model, you will need a website or a blog that drives good traffic. 

You can apply for Google AdSense or other monetization websites, like Ezoic, so that you can sell advertisement spaces, driving on the number of visitors. 

Yet, most people don’t have their own website or blog, especially a popular one. 

Then, what could be the best way to make money online, if those two models are not relevant, 

Well, that brings us to the third business model, which is called

  •  Affiliate Marketing.

It is about selling or promoting other people’s products. 

There are a lot of companies, or product creators online, that are already selling their products and services.

And what they need is SALES.

This is where they need people to market their products and in exchange for your effort, they are going to pay you part of the sales, also known as commissions. 

So that’s how you become an affiliate marketer. 

The first step is that you join as an affiliate. There are many websites that you can be an affiliate.  

Here, in this blog, you will learn about ClickBank, one of the largest affiliate marketing websites. 

Steps to create an account in ClickBank. 

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up and enter your information.
  3. Verify the email address. 
  4. Once done, go to the marketplace
  5. Choose your desired products based on the category. 

In my case, I click the E-business & E-marketing category, as you can see above the list of all the products that you can promote. 

I select the first one and click on the promote button.  

This will redirect you to the HopLink generator page, input any account nickname, and tracking ID (in my case, I wrote a Facebook page), and click generate. 

As you can see, the link above is your affiliate link. 

You will use this link to promote the product, and when someone buys using your affiliate link, you will get the commissions for that. 

That is what all the affiliate marketers do, and affiliate marketing is all about. 

There is not really a requirement that you need to have a website or a blog, social media is of big help for most affiliate marketers, other than that, you can also promote the products by email marketing. 

It is also pretty much good to have your own website, this will help you display those products, right on your web pages. 

Alright then folks, I hope you got a brief idea about affiliate marketing. 

You will find the download link below for the ClickBank affiliate marketing, which is why you came here for. 

In this video tutorial, (download link below) you will learn- 

Section 1. 


  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • How ClickBank Works.

Section 2. 

ClickBank Basics. 

  • How to get paid. 
  • Identify products that sell. 
  • Learn the numbers. 
  • Products to avoid in ClickBank.
  • Avoid mistakes made by most new affiliate marketers.

Section 3. 

ClickBank Direct Linking Strategies. 

  • Choosing the right product for direct linking.
  • Matching Traffic to Products. 
  • How to get free ClickBank products legally. 

Section 4. 

Traffic Generation Secrets. 

  • Best traffic sources for ClickBank conversion. 
  •  Worst traffic sources for ClickBank conversion. 
  •  Ads creation secrets part 1- Part 3. 
  • Proven keyword generation techniques part 1 – part 2
  •  The power of two ads. 
  • Generate another 1000 keywords. 
  • Tweaking for greater sales and profit.
  • Tracking keywords that lead to sales part 1- part 3. 

Section 5. 

  • Creating a squeeze page without any website. 
  • Create a money-making squeeze page that people will subscribe to.
  • How to nurture your leads and turn them into customers. 
  • How to track keywords that opt-in to a squeeze page.
  • Privacy policy template for your squeeze page. 

Section 6. 

  • Facebook Page Method without ads. 
  • Facebook zero budget method overview. 
  • Marketing your Facebook page with no money. 
  • Important links format Facebook allows. 

Section 7.


  • Bonus & tips.