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Download Free to Learn Flutter and Develop Android and iOS apps (by Dr. Angela)

Right, Download Free to Learn Flutter and Develop Android and iOS Apps (by Dr. Angela). 

I hope you might know already about the Flutter and Dart programming language. 

If not, no worries, let me walk with you in a brief introduction to these two programming languages. 

A team of Google developers developed Dart and Flutter specifically designed for web and mobile apps. 

Flutter is an open-source, user interface web and mobile application development kit for building cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

The Google team made the first stable release available on 2018, Dec 4. 

Dart is an object-oriented and class-based language with similar syntax as that of c-style. 

It can compile JavaScript or other native codes and is also used to build desktop and server applications. 

Why Flutter? 

Before that, let us meet James, an entrepreneur who designed his first iOS app, and his app is about a food recipe where a user can find seafood recipes. 

Fair enough, now his app is helpful for Apple users, however not the android users. 

So, he developed another seafood app precisely the same as he did for iOS users. 

That sounds alright. But where is the pain point? 

Soon he realizes that it’s getting hard and harder to manage both the back-ends of the app, as he ran with a lot of critical reviews and complaints from the users. 

Some say the app layout is not in the proper margin, as the texts overflow the device screen. 

And the other, with buttons not visible on the screen. 

So, this is an enormous challenge for James, as he finds it hard to maintain both the codebase until he meets Flutter. 

It’s simply a toolkit that makes it easy for developers to design beautiful interfaces for many screen sizes and devices.

Flutter comes with a bunch of pre-built widgets that make it so convenient to layout any app like laying out your app with rows or with columns or stacks.

And it borrows some concepts from web design where you can have things that are centered or have padding and margins.

And what if you could use this system to design and develop for almost any device? Because of all that, Flutter does is, it asks for a blank window on the device, be it on Android or iOS or web or desktop.

This is where James found the solution to make the most of his food recipe app and get no such reviews further again. 

This means that instead of having to make iOS apps the Apple way and make Android apps the Android way, you can simply use several pre-built widgets from Flutter, such as a floating action button or a linear progress indicator.

And you can directly put these into your app, no matter which platform you’re working on. 

And they’ve even designed widgets that look the part for each platform.

Sounds good enough.

What will you learn in this Flutter tutorial? 

Introduction to cross-development with Flutter and Dart. 

  • Intro to the Course. 
  • Flutter Development Syllabus. 
  • What is Flutter? 
  • Why Flutter 
  • The Anatomy Of A Flutter App. 
  • How To get the most out of the course. 

Setup and Installation. 

  • Prerequisites for flutter development. 
  • Windows setup step 1 
  • Windows setup step 2 
  • Windows setup step 3 
  • Mac Setup Step 1 
  • Mac Setup Step 2
  • Mac Setup Step 3
  • Mac Setup Step 4
  • Mac Setup Step 5
  • Configure Android Studio 
  • Guided tour of android studio 

App Development – I am Rich App from scratch. 

  • Creating a new flutter project from scratch. 
  • Scaffolding a flutter app 
  • Working with an asset in flutter and the pubspec.yaml
  • How to add app icons to the iOS and Android apps. 

Running Your app on a physical device

  • Developing flutter apps to an android phone 
  • Deploying flutter apps to iPhone iPads. 
  • Tips for habit building with the calendar trick by Dr. Lu.

App Development – I am Por App Challenge. 

  • What are app challenges? 
  • Tip from Dr. Lu dealing with distractions. 

App Development – MiCard app- how to Build Beautiful UIs with the flutter widgets. 

  • MiCard single screen personal business card app 
  • Hot reload and hot restart tools 
  • How to use container widget 
  • How to use column and row widgets for layout. 
  • Tapping into widget properties 
  • Incorporating Custom apps in your flutter app 
  • Adding Material Icons with the icon widget 
  • Flutter card and list tile widgets 
  • Nothing easy is worth doing a tip from Dr. Lu 

App Development – Dice App building from scratch 

  • Dice a stateful dice app 
  • Using the expanded widget to create flexible layouts 
  • How to use intention actions 
  • Adding gesture detection with flutter button widgets
  • Dart functions part 1 
  • Making the dice image change reactively 
  • Dart variables 
  • Dart data types 
  • Stateful vs Stateless widget difference 
  • Randomizing the dice 
  • Challenge 1 solution
  • Challenge 2 solution 
  • Challenge 3 solution 
  • How to deal with procrastination with a tip from Dr. Lu. 

App Development – Boss Level Challenge Develop magic 8 ball 

  • Magic 8 ball – A decision-making app 
  • Step 1 Setting the project 
  • Step 2 Create a stateless widget 
  • Step 3 Create a stateful widget 
  • Step 4 Make it interactive 
  • Step 5 Randomize it 
  • Step 6 Update the state 
  • Step 7 Customize it 
  • Step 9 Solutions. 
  • Building a programming habit a tip from Dr. Lu. 

App Development – Xylophone app using flutter and dart packages to speed up development 

  • Xylophone – A Simple Musical Instrument App
  • What are Flutter & Dart Packages?
  • How to Play Sound Across Platforms
  • How to Play Multiple Sounds
  • Dart Functions – Part 2
  • Updating the UI of Our App
  • Dart Functions – Part 3
  • Dart Functions Challenge 
  • Refactoring Our App
  • Dart Arrow Functions
  • The 20 minutes method- a tip from Dr. Lu. 

App Development – Quizzler- a true or false quiz app. 

  • Quizzler – a true false app quiz app 
  • Building a scorekeeper 
  • Dart LISTS
  • Displaying the questions 
  • Checking your answers 
  • Dart conditonals IFELSE 
  • Creating a question class 
  • Dart classes and objects 
  • Abstraction in action 
  • Encapsulation in action 
  • Inheritance in action 
  • Polymorphism in action 
  • Adding back the scorekeeper 
  • Code challenge
  •  Class constructors 
  • Learning before you eat a tip from Dr. Lu. 
  • Solutions. 

App Development – Boss Level Challenge- Destini App. 

  • Destini app – choose your own adventure game. 
  • Solutions. 
  • tip from Dr. Lu- Retrieval is How You Learn

App Development – BMI Calculator App – Building Flutter UI for Intermediates

  • BMI Calculator – a beautiful health app 
  • How to choose flutter themes 
  • How to refactor flutter widgets 
  • Final vs Const (Dart)
  • Creating custom flutter widgets 
  • The GestureDetector widget 
  • Enums 
  • Ternary Operator 
  • Functions as first-order objects (Dart)
  • The fluter slider widget 
  • Customizing widgets with themes 
  • Composition vs. Inheritance – Building Flutter Widgets From Scratch
  • Multi-screen apps using routes and navigation 
  • Maps (dart)
  • Designing the result page. 
  • Adding the BMI calculator functionality 
  • Tip from Dr. Lu – Dealing with Lack of Progress

App Development- Clima App- Powering Your Flutter App with Live Web Data

  • Clima – A Modern Weather App
  • Getting Location Data From Across Platforms
  • Dart Futures, Async & Await
  •  Stateful Widget Lifecycle Methods
  • Dart Exception Handling & Null Aware Operators:
  • AsyncAwait Challenge
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Explained
  • Networking in Flutter Apps with the HTTP Package:
  • JSON Parsing and Dynamic Types
  • Getting Actual Weather Data from the OpenWeatherMap API
  • Showing a Spinner While the User Waits,
  • Passing Data to a State Object
  • Updating the Weather with the WeatherModel
  • Refactoring the Location Methods
  • Creating and Styling a TextField Widget for Text Entry
  • Passing Data Backwards Through the Navigation Stack
  • Mixing Knowledge Tip. 

APP development – Bitcoin Ticker – Boss Level Challenge.

  •  Bitcoin Ticker – A Simple Cryptocurrency Price Tracker
  • The Material DropdownButton Widget
  • [Dart] Loops
  • Building Widgets with Loops Solution
  • Introducing Cupertino Widgets
  • Building Platform Specific UI (iOS & Android)
  • Introduction to Boss Level Challenge 3
  • Tip from Angela

Flash Chat – Flutter x Firebase Cloud Firestore. 

  • Flash Chat – A Lightning Fast Messaging App
  • Named Routes Challenges
  • [Dart] Static Modifier,
  • Refactor Routes with the Static Const
  • Flutter Hero Animations
  • Custom Flutter Animations with the Animation Controller
  • [Dart] Mixins
  • Prepackaged Flutter Animations
  • Code Refactoring Challenge
  • Creating a New Firebase Project
  • Android Firebase Project Setup
  • iOS Firebase Project Setup
  • Firebase Flutter Packages Setup (iOS & Android)
  • Registering Users with Firebase using FirebaseAuth
  • Authenticating Users with FirebaseAuth
  • Showing a Spinner while the User Waits
  • Saving data into Cloud Firestore
  • Listening for Data from Firebase using Streams 
  • [Dart] Streams
  • Turning Streams into Widgets Using the StreamBuilder
  • The Flutter ListView
  • A Different UI for Different Senders
  • Cloud Firestore Authorisation and Security Rules
  • Tip from Angela

App Development – Todey app with Flutter State Management

  • Todoey – Your very own To-Do List App
  • Designing the To-Do List App
  • The ListView Challenge
  • The Bottom sheet Widget
  • What is State and How do we Manage it
  • How do Callbacks work in Dart
  • The ListView Builder
  • Lifting State Up Challenge
  • Flutter App Architecture Patterns
  • Introducing the Provider Package
  • Using a Provider and a ChangeNotifier to Manage State
  • Adding New To-Do List Tasks
  • Checking off To-Do List Tasks
  • Deleting Tasks using the Provider Design Pattern 
  • Tip from Angela

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