Earn money on YouTube without making videos (Download)

(Download) Earn money on YouTube without making videos FREE COURSE


Hey guys, earn money on YouTube without making videos. 

What? Are you kidding? Like, is that possible? 

Oh wait, let me ask this first. Are you ready to earn money on YouTube

If the answer is YES, let’s roll over this.  

Welcome aboard; you will learn all you need to start a profitable YouTube channel in this free course. 

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So, back to business. 

In this course, you will get all the information on creating videos, learning about getting a good niche, and getting more subscribers. 

You will also watch the case studies, which I believe is proof of how other people created the YouTube channel and earned money without making videos. 

Sounds interesting, correct? 

With that said, you still need to put in the efforts based on all the stepwise approaches to making a profitable YouTube channel. 

You need to work hard for your channel to grow, but worry not; you will do fantastic if you follow all the instructions. 

All right then, let’s get into the topics that you will cover after downloading this course video. 

Earn money on YouTube without making videos



  1. Case Studies 
  2. Blueprint and Business Model 

Creating a YouTube Channel 

  1. How to make a google account 
  2. How to create a YouTube channel 

Optimizing your YouTube Channel 

  1. Optimizing your channel layout 
  2. Verifying YouTube Channel 
  3. Setting uploads defaults 
  4. Adding a watermark. 
  5.  Adding Channel keywords 
  6. Adding Channel Description and Links 

How to create an AdSense account and connect to your YouTube Channel 

Choosing a Niche and Finding videos 

  1. Best Niches Ideas.
  2. Finding good videos to post 

Downloading and Uploading Videos

  1. How to Download YouTube Videos
  2. Searching The Transcript – How to Make Multiple Videos From one Video
  3. How to Edit a Video + FREE Video Editor
  4. How to Upload Videos
  5. What License to Upload Your Videos As
  6. How to Schedule YouTube Videos

Optimizing Your Videos to Get Views and Subscribers

  1. How to Make a Custom Thumbnail
  2. The secret to Finding Another Video’s Tags
  3. How to Find Good Titles and Tags For Your Videos
  4. Using Clickbait to Get More Views and Subscribers
  5. Optimizing Your Description to Get More Views
  6. How to Increase Subscribers and Watch Time

Making Money With Your Videos

  1. How to Put Ads on Your Videos
  2. The secret to Multiplying Revenue.
  3. Secret #2 to Multiplying Revenue.

Leveraging YouTube Analytics For More Views and Money

  1. Studying Watch Time and Audience Retention.
  2. Click-Through Rate and How to Blow Up on YouTube.