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Facebook Targeting Mastery tutorials (Free Download)

Hey there. 

Thanks for stepping in this article, and you are very much welcome to the Facebook Targeting Mastery Tutorials (Free Download). 

So what is this training all about?

This training is all about advanced Facebook targeting and not about basic Facebook targeting. 

Because, the basic Facebook targeting strategies and kinds of stuff like that you can read online, as it is available everywhere over the Internet. 

What you are going to learn from this tutorial are some accurate advanced Facebook targeting strategies that will help you leverage your business quickly and effectively

So you will gain a lot of knowledge right in these instructional videos. 

Before that, Let me tell you that these training videos do not come with certificates. 

If you are looking for certification after this course, I have mentioned the source link at the end of this article, check that out. 

Perhaps, you can also check this link called Free Online Courses With Certificates if you are the folk that loves to get certificates. 

Ok then, I am excited for you to learn these advanced Facebook targeting strategies, and with that, it will mold your insights on Facebook Marketing tactics. 

Some of the knowledge you can get here is like: 

  • How you reach out to your customers or your website visitors?
  • How to reach out to lookalike audiences, email lists, or your mobile app users?

For sure, there are plenty of other resources right in this training that is in such a way that you can execute right away everything that you learn. 

With the alternating algorithm of Facebook, it is a hurdle for a marketer like us to help our clients find the solutions to their problems. Correct?

After all, running an ad campaign does not help at all. 

So, let us understand what goes on with the FB algorithm. 

The phenomenon is FB algorithm decides what posts the users see now and then when they check their feeds. 

It is multiple layers of the machine learning model and other factors like rankings, that are built to predict which posts are more valuable and meaningful to an individual over the long period. 

In simple words, it means that rather than showing every post in sequential order, the Facebook algorithm assesses every post, scores it, and then systematizes it in the descending order of importance for each user. 

One of its purposes is to keep every user scrolling so that they can see more advertisements. 

While on that topic about the Facebook Algorithm, I will write more about it in the future. 

However, the primary goal is you have to be aware of the trends with the Facebook algorithm as a social media marketer. 

Fair enough, let me walk with you about the topics you will learn from these video tutorials. 


Section 1 

How to grow your audience with Custom Audiences

  • Introduction to the tutorials. 
  • What are custom audiences?
  • Why custom audiences? 
  • How to create a custom audience on Facebook 
  • How to target your custom audience on Facebook 
  • Custom Audience Core Strategies Part I
  • Custom Audience Core Strategies Part II. 

Section 2

Re-targeting – Marketing of the future. 

  • How to reach your customer on Facebook 
  • What is Website retargeting? 
  • Why retargeting will accelerate your business growth 
  • How to install a retargeting pixel 
  • How to create a website custom audience 
  • How to create retargeting ads
  • Re-targeting Core Strategies Part I
  • Re-targeting Core Strategies Part II.

Section 3

How lookalike audience can triple your revenue. 

  • Intro to a lookalike audience 
  • What are our lookalike audience 
  • Lookalike audience core strategies
  • How to set up lookalike audiences 
  • How to create ads with lookalike audiences 
  • Conclusion. 

Wrapping Up 

All the above tutorials are based on advanced strategies. I am hopeful you will refine your knowledge.

 It is not worth enough if there is no execution, correct? 

For all the while we have been dealing with procrastination, and that stress out like crazy. 

But life as a social media marketer is cool, as challenges surround us, and end of the day it brightens our life, and that makes it meaningful. 

Well, those kinda words are out of context. So, here’s your download link. 

Source Link for the certificate.