15 Free Courses with certificates for the weekend (Enroll Now)

Free courses with certificates for the weekend, and you need only the Internet. 

The courses below are in high demand, and by completing any of these courses, you get a certificate. 

You can highlight the certificate on your LinkedIn profile, show it to the employer, or mention it on your CV Resume. 

However, this offer has a limitation, which is valid only for a couple of days. 

The reason for free is the coupon code that lasts for some days. You see that once you open any of the courses below. 

Note that you need to have an Udemy account to enroll in these courses below. 

If you don’t have one, you can directly go to the Udemy website and sign up. 

Be it any issues, check this article where I explained the stepwise way to create an Udemy account. 

Alright, without further ado, find out the best courses you want and fuse in with some knowledge. 

Good luck! 

Free Courses with certificates

Category: Business & Marketing

Digital Marketing Course for Fitness ProfessionalsEnroll here
Persuasion in Business CommunicationsEnroll Here
Product Launch Mastery 2022Enroll Here
TikTok Marketing Mastery 2022Enroll Here
Podcasting Mastery 2022Enroll Here
Grants Management 101Enroll Here
30-minute Business PlanEnroll Here
Make Money: Follow your passion and earn by 35 proven waysEnroll Here
Professional Adobe Photoshop CC Course With Advanced TrainingEnroll Here

Category: Health

Complete Positive Psychology Course Master Positive ThinkingEnroll Here
Physiological changes during pregnancy and antenatal careEnroll Here


CSS And Javascript Crash CourseEnroll Here
Learn Docker asap[Hands on practical]Enroll Here
The Complete IT Job Search Course – Land Your Dream IT JobEnroll Here
NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – The Ultimate NLP GuideEnroll Here

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