Legit Apps To Make Money Online With A Smartphone In 2021

Are you Looking for legit apps to make money online with a smartphone in 2021?

If yes, making money online has made many people millionaire favorably to those who worked and never gave up.

You can try it too; it’s utterly simple to use from any part of the world provided that you have got an Internet connection.

You can make money with your smartphone worldwide, anywhere in the world. Be it India, United States, Finland, United Kingdom, anywhere.

And you can do this for 100 percent free. All you need is just your smartphone and internet data.

When you go to the App Store, for example, the play store on your Android phone, there are many apps you will find that can make money, and some of those apps are real and legitimate.

How are you going to make money out of the apps?

Give me just ten minutes of your time. I will show you four different ways of how you are going to make money with your smartphone.

You can make money with your smartphone in different ways like playing games, downloading other apps, answering simple surveys, accomplishing simple tasks, or doing these kinds of things.

In this article, I have categorized apps into four main subjects that enable you to make money online:

  • Best Survey Apps
  • Videos Watching App.
  • Bitcoin mining app.
  • Activity-based apps.

Let us find out the most effective and legit ways to make money online.

Best Survey Apps 

  • Swagbucks

Swagbuck is one of the most legitimate online Survey sites and loyalty programs, where you can answer surveys, shop online, watch videos, and Play games.  

Swagbucks pays you a small amount for participating in a consumer survey, which is very easy to take part in which companies then use to figure out what sorts of products to make and trade. 

It is the web’s most popular rewards program that gives you gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online. 

You can participate in various surveys a day, earn points when you shop at any favorite retailer such as Amazon, and earn cashback on your Paypal.  

Once you register on this platform, you need to take a short survey related to your background to get suiting survey questions.  

Other ways to make money online on Swagbucks

  • Shop Online to get the cashback 

Cashback shopping at over 1500 retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Starbucks. 

Earn SB points for every amount of money you spend and get access to exclusive deals and coupons to your preferred retailers.

  • Mobile App

Yes! You can enjoy the comfort of earning Gift Cards when you Shop, Answer Surveys and Watch Videos on the go right from your Android and iOS smartphones.  

  • Referrals: 

For every referral that signs up and adds the Swag button on their computer, you get an extra 100 SB points.

You can use the referral link to share it on your social media accounts or message directly to your friends. 

How to cash out from Swagbucks? 

Swagbucks rewards you with points, also called SB points for every answered survey or other task you complete. 

Once you are eligible to withdraw your points, you can cash out by PayPal or Amazon gift. 

  • ySENSE

Based in California, USA. ySense.com is an online reward and earning website whether surveys are your strength or you’re looking for a few simple tasks, you can find it here, a simple website that everyone can use either from a smartphone or a computer.  

How to earn money from ySense?

There are three major ways you can make money through this app, those are:  

  • SURVEYS: Answer online surveys, that will be useful for different companies’ growth. 
  • TASKS: test offers, watch videos, etc. 
  • OFFERS: take part in any sort of image categorization or search the web. 

How to cashout from ySense? 

You can earn rewards and redeem them with an Amazon gift card or cashout from three supported payment modes:

  • PayPal- the minimum amount to withdraw is 5$
  • Payoneer: Starts from 52$ for a least threshold 
  • Skrill: Need at least 5$ to 6$ to cash out.

Other ways to make money online on ySense. 

You can earn from a referral program. It offers one of the most lucrative online associate channels with exciting money-making potential. 

You can earn commissions, when you refer it to your friends, families either by email, messages, sharing the link on social media, or even a website if you have one by simply copying and sharing the referral link. 

 You can earn commissions in two primary ways from this referral program 

  1. Signup Commissions
  •  You will receive a signup commission of $0.10 or $0.30 for each referral that becomes active. 
  •  Also, earn an extra $2.00 bonus once your referrals earn their first $5.00. Excluding commissions and bonuses.

       2. Activity Commissions

  • Earn a whopping 15% commission for every approved survey, task, your referrals complete.
  • The more active your referrals are, the higher amount you earn, increasing your commissions up to 30%. 

If you want to dive into this opportunity and become one of the many ySense members to earn an income right from your smartphone, you can 

Sign up for free. 

  • ZoomBuck 

Yet another legit and incredibly fast payout processing site that you have to try. The registration is simple. 

Like any other rewards site, you need a valid email address Or you can sign up with your Gmail account. 

How to earn money on ZOOMBUCK? 

  • Taking surveys: 

It is more fun to take surveys on ZoomBucks because it is fast unlike any other survey-taking site, and gets immediate data on how much you make. 

The other cool feature is you can cash out at just a $3 minimum threshold for a PayPal payment as soon as you’ve made 3,000 points, which means that you can expect your reward within two business days.

Other ways to make money online on ZoomBuck 

  • Watching Videos from entertainment, lifestyle, to sports you can enjoy a wide range of interesting videos. Sounds good? You have got to watch a complete video to earn the points. The channels are limited as per your location. The points will be credited after every the end of the video. 

Amazing right? You have got to try it. Sign up now to get 500 Points!

  • Survey Savvy 

An online survey site for market research, launched in 1999 and owned by Luth Research LLC, USA. 

You take reviews to help different companies who are looking for opinions

and evaluations from people like you. 

You get to take part in questionnaires based on your profile, when your profile matches the necessary criteria for a survey, you will be informed via your email to take part. 

It supports a lot of countries and has high-paying surveys and smooth to use. 

What kind of Surveys are on Survey Savvy?

  • Product and Market surveys: Most of the corporations that are the clients of SurveySavvy composed questionnaires to promote them to understand their consumers, and review the commodities. 
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey: A type of survey conducted by businesses to understand their customers’ feedback about an appropriate service or product. 
  • Events and conference surveys: This type of survey helps an organization learn how healthy the events and conferences were received by the people. 
  • Net promoter score (NPS) surveys: Intended to find how convincing the customers are to refer a product or any business venture. 

 Other ways to make money online on SurveySavvy

The other cool earning opportunity is a REFERRAL program, it is a two-tiered referral program which means you will not only get paid for a referral, you will also get rewarded a portion when your direct referrals complete surveys. Wait, there’s more!

When your direct referrals invite other members, you get rewarded as an indirect referral for every concluded survey. 

Considerably I can tell the best way to boost your incentives is by simply referring new members. You can email your friends and families, post on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.

How to cash out from SurveySavvy? 

Here’s something that you need to understand about getting paid, unfortunately, survey savvy doesn’t support any online payment system such as PayPal or GPay. 

You can only get your money by cheque mailed via U.S. post to your registered address on the profile. 

A unique point about this platform is that the minimum cash-out requirement is only $1. 

How to join SurveySavvy? 

To get started, you need to register with your email address, along with your residential address. 

Take note that the same address will be used to mail the payment cheque. 

How much money can you really make doing online surveys?

The figure for earnings depends on the number of surveys that you will take. 

Most of the time, every survey you finish pays you $1-$2 and some surveys can pay you as much as $20.


  • Feature Points

It has been around for a long time. And people have cash-out money through this platform. It is for those people who love to watch videos online to earn a couple of cents here and there. 

Additionally, they also pay you for taking surveys, downloading apps, and surfing the web.

How to cash out from FeaturePoints? 

You get paid by three payout methods like Amazon gift cards, bitcoins, cash through PayPal.  

Sign up from here and get 500 points free. 

  • Slide joy

It’s a unique application because they have this lock screen thing like when you lock your screen and open it, this app activates and you can watch videos and earn money. 

There are other tasks too like downloading the app and playing games.  

You can download the app from the play store, and sign up for free. You can also choose a personalized theme for a screen lock and earn in a Carats. 

For every 1,000 carats, you will make $1. You can cash out your accumulated carats for cash to a Paypal account. 

Bitcoins earning app

CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab Browser is a tool developed particularly for mining Bitcoins. It allows you to simply browse the web and earn Bitcoins right in your account with its built-in mining algorithm. 

One of the few legitimate cryptocurrency mining apps that pay you real money. 

There are many reviews that people say they cash out using this platform, for this, you can watch YouTube videos to see the legitimacy of this platform.

How does CryptoTab Browser work?

The CryptoTab browser is cognate to Google Chrome. The interface is similar to Chrome, apart from that you can earn crypto in the background while doing other works. 

Is crypto tab Legit? 

Yes, it is a legit application. It is the first online browser in the world that is developed to mine Bitcoins. 

How to earn from CryptoTab Browser?

Four ways to earn more from Crypto Tab: 

  1. You can share the crypto tab with your friends or anybody who is looking to mine bitcoins free. 
  2. If you have a YouTube channel, you can leave your link in the description for your viewers to check it.
  3. You can write a blog about this platform and show people how you can use this browser. 
  4. The most useful is to share on social media however, do not spam the link as it is. You can explain about it to share the posts. 

Why use CryptoTab?

The five reasons to use this CryptoTab are

  1. Once you downloaded it, you can start mining by simply opening the browser and doing anything on the internet. That’s right. You can watch Netflix, play your favorite games, and any kinds of stuff you do on the internet, the CryptoTab mining bots take care of the rest. 
  2. The CrptoTab mining bot doesn’t impact your internet connectivity or your gadgets’ performances. 
  3. None of your personal data will be lost. The CryptoTab browser tab doesn’t relay to your chrome browser, so you don’t need to worry about any loss of data. 
  4. You can also install Chrome extensions if you are using the CryptoTab browser on your computer.
  5. It works on all the devices. From computers to smartphones.


Activity-Based paying apps

Activity-based paying apps are those that enable you to make money by doing any form of activity such as as- playing games, sharing photographs, downloading apps, and so on. 

These are proven and they have paid money for many people for years worldwide and 100 percent free to use.

I will talk about the two apps that are real and pays you money for doing cool activities, Let’s roll! 

  • Foap- Sell your photos. 

Started in 2011. This moneymaking app is best for people who like photography. 

Simply, share your pictures online and earn money because this app is a ‘so-called photobank.’ 

You earn money when people from the photobank buy your pictures. More pictures, more money you can make. 

One good strategy to use an app to make money this app is to upload your pictures in many different photo banks.

 Example: Shutterstock. This is the best way you can generate multiple income streams and you can maximize your earnings as a photographer. 

  • HoneyGain App 

You will simply make money by sharing your Internet connection. 

Technically, you will make money doing nothing. You only share your internet connection.

 It is one of the easiest ways to make money online from home.

 Is the HoneyGain app legit? 

Yes, it is legit. You will get paid for sharing your Internet data. it is a worldwide app that operates on all devices like Android, macOS, and windows.

How to join HoneyGain? 

  •  Go to their website, or download the app from the app store.
  •  Sign up for a new account. Enter your email address and create a password.
  •  On the coupon code, enter, Confirm your email to verify your account. 
  •  Once downloaded you can read on-screen instructions to learn how this app works and to get paid. 

Other ways to make money from HoneyGain. 

You can share the app with your friend and earn 5$ per referrer.

Truth be told, it is not going to make big money, but for sure it will make enough for your pocket money.

 Register to get free $5 today. 

Wrapping Up 

The Best way you can make money and more profitable is by creating YouTube videos. 

So, when you have a smartphone, you can record your own videos or any videos to demonstrate, show, or talk about any places and upload them on YouTube to make money. 

You earn money through the ad revenue, additionally, you can also make money by sponsorships and affiliate marketing. 

The requirement for earning money from YouTube ad revenue is that you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. 

However, you can start making money with affiliate marketing even if you don’t have a thousand subscribers. 

Of course, you are not going to earn tons of money at the beginning but as you keep on doing this, and build your youtube channel to make money little by little. 

And if you take a look at some of the biggest YouTube works, you will see that many of them actually started with their smartphone. 

For example, Grahame’s Steffen, one of the biggest names in this personal finance and real estate industry on YouTube started by recording the first videos just with his smartphone. 

Another is to create TikTok videos or Doobido app,(for Indians) it is easy to get views and followers.  

The process works like this. 

  • You create videos that interest you. 
  • Publish them to your profile and then you start getting views. 
  • Your viewers will also check out your profile and on your profile, you can leave a link. This can be, for example, an affiliate link or your YouTube channel link. 

Furthermore, you can make money with your smartphone by using other social media apps, for example, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

There are many ways you can earn money from social media apps, but the best way so-called Millionaire mentor has been doing on IG is that he publishes motivational quotes and motivational pictures, like pictures of luxury lifestyle or sports car.

And then, he has ink on his profile that says, for example, learn how or make money here or learn to business better and so on, when somebody clicks that link, then he promotes products for those people. 

And when people buy those products, the Millionaire mentor earns part of the money. That may sound like a more advanced strategy, but that works great.

On Facebook, there are many ways how you can make money, but don’t make one mistake many people have been doing. They spamming their links on Facebook.

They go to different Facebook groups and they spam their links all over the FB and ultimately getting banned by Facebook.

By the way, spamming your links will not lead you to make money, I guess you know that already.

You can create groups on Facebook. For example, you can create a group about affiliate marketing, and teach other people about your expertise or it could be any other thing that you are good at. You can teach people or showcase your knowledge and ask people to join your group. 

Create helpful and relevant content for people to engage. You will see people asking questions, sharing your content, and then you can say if you want to learn more, check out this course or take out these resources. 

So those are some ideas on how you can make money through Facebook with Pinterest or Twitter, for example. You can use similar kinds of promotion things as on IG for example, you can leave a link on your profiles and posts and put relevant content that your audiences like. 

Remember, decide only one topic that you are interested in. 

Before you go, if you still ask, is making money online with a smartphone hard? Is it worth it? 

Absolutely No, Definitely Yes.

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