Marketing 101 to define a message in the Pandemic

Marketing 101: The new way to define a message in the Pandemic.

Marketing 101

In this article on marketing 101, you will learn about the new way to define a message in the Pandemic. 

We divided into six sections of these messaging topics by taking examples on each type of marketing 101 measures with an evident intention of making our marketing effective yet comfortable. 

The coronavirus spun the world upside down in so many ways. 

Specifically, for businesses, a lot of what worked before will not work now.

And that includes messaging like messaging to customers, messaging prospective employees, messaging on social media for conferences, and more.

Without further ado, let us see the different scenarios of messaging with varying types of businesses openings.

Marketing 101: Messaging with a purpose in and after the Pandemic. 

Marketing 101

Take a coffee shop, for example. 

Before the Pandemic, the marketing messages of a coffee shop would say about new events or upcoming exhibitions at the shop, and maybe a discount product, typically for promotional purposes.

And confident that those promotional messages are the things that a customer finds appealing. 

However, do you think that’s the most important thing on their minds right now? 🤔

I don’t think so.

Instead, they would like to know:

  • How are the tables cleaned or sanitized?
  • What capacity can people enter the building?
  • What are the steps taken to ensure customer safety?

Therefore, it is crucial to let customers know how you care about their health and your staff. 

Every message must have a clear impression of how you are taking care of everyone. 

Here’s another example. 

Say you’ve been in the food business for some years, and while your new product or service may be the best thing since your chicken-burger. 

But right now, that is not as important as reminding people of how you can help them in the Pandemic

Maybe you’re a corporation that is calling for employees to return to the office full-time.

Many employees have fears and concerns about this. 

When messaging them about returning to work, what’s more important?

That you’ll be serving lunch again on Thursday or that cleaning services coming in every night to sanitize the common area?

Now higher than ever, it is essential to message with purpose and intention.

The more authentic you are in delivering messages, whether they are to your employees, the press, prospective employees, or otherwise,

The more effective they will be.

Marketing 101: Your Customer is always first. 

Marketing 101

Imagine receiving an email from your dance studio saying they were opening back up for business at total capacity.

Before, this was an indoor class with 50 people, and most of them used to be sweating and breathing heavily, so this is a severe deal.

The email mentioned the new dance types, the new instructors, the studio’s schedule, and even the latest attire. However, it failed to say anything about safety precautions.

Now, that raises many questions like: 

  • Are they cleaning/sanitizing the dance halls in between classes?
  • Are there HEPA filters?
  • Will it be back at total capacity right away?
  • Is there a window to open? 

It seems a little tone-deaf, correct? 

With many organizations resuming operations backup, 

how you communicate to your customers to make sure they are comfortable couldn’t be more significant or essential than before. 

Their needs have shifted, and their fears are complex. 

Whether it’s telling about your products or service, messaging should shift to be more sensitive to your customers experiencing job loss, budget cuts, or their health.

Here are a couple of ways to think about messaging your customer to be comfortable using your product or service.

  • One, lead with compassion. 

The minor line on your social media email or website that says something like, “We hope you’re doing well and staying safe” goes a long way.

  • Two, assuage their fear.

Lead with their pain points and how you are addressing them. And, 

  • Three, offer them a deal or a free trial.

The Pandemic caused millions of people to take a financial hit. 

What kind of financial arrangement can you offer them to ease back into the world in a way that makes them comfortable?

However, you decide to roll out your messaging to your customers, make sure that you are meeting them where they are at emotionally.

Make it a priority.

Marketing 101: Messaging to make employees comfortable. 

marketing 101 happy employees soulverz

Imagine you’re applying for a new job, and the description displays- 

Must be on-site in the office 100% of the time. Or, an entirely remote workforce with people all over the globe.

Depending on who they are, your applicants are excited or maybe terrified.

Whether your company is returning full-time or offering a hybrid solution, 

How you share your plans and job postings needs to be clear absolutely.

So let’s talk about a few essential things to message prospective employees.

People are now fully accustomed to being remote.

Some love it; some hate it. Below are some options that you can layout-

  • What is your business doing?
  • Are you going back fully remote?
  • Are you going back in person?
  • Are you offering a hybrid, flexible situation? Or,
  • Are you leaving it up to the employee?

Many companies have subjective policies. For example, Microsoft recently announced that employees in some locations don’t have to go on campus anymore if their manager approves it.

Every company’s policy will be different.

You need to figure out what yours is and message it appropriately.

Some other things to consider, if you require the employee to be on-site, make sure your job post explains what your company is doing safety-wise.

So applicants can be confident that you have their best interests in mind.

For example, 

  • Are you keeping desks six feet apart?
  • Are you cleaning the common areas twice a day?
  • Have you installed HEPA filters?

For businesses offering remote options, what are you doing to help employees feel connected and create a sense of belonging?

Include these details in the posting and talk about them during interviews.

Now, it’s probably safe to say that during the last year, people have taken a greater interest in their health insurance benefits.

So, whether the job is remote or on-site, some information about benefits will be vital to relay.

Some ideas for the information to relay are: 

  • What kind of insurance coverage do you offer or not offer?
  • What happens if a family member needs to take leave to care for a family member?
  •  What if the new employee gets sick and is out for an extended period?
  • What about your time-off policy?

Again, people have gotten used to having flexible schedules.

Are you going to be stringent with your vacation policy?

Or is there going to be a wiggle room?

It may not have been necessary before, but it is now.

And keep the competition in mind. What are other companies doing?

Just as in marketing, it’s essential to understand your competitive position and create messaging that’s competitive and true to your organization.

Ultimately, it would help if you communicate with your prospective employees all the things you were doing to keep them safe, happy, and secure.

Marketing 101: It’s no longer solely about your product or service. 

Marketing 101

Did you know the number of newsroom reporters has decreased by 50% in the last year and a half?

Every day, reporters were getting stuck off left and right. 

Like many firms that had to shut down, the media companies got hit hard.

The prevailing reporters have been writing three times the number of stories they usually would.

What does this mean?

It means that what has to be published must be significant, trustworthy, relevant, prompt, and solving for something tremendous. 

It is not about your brand or product right now. It’s all about the why behind your solutions.

If you don’t have a solid ‘why.’ 

Being overly promotional on your brand will not work right now.

When talking about your product or service, remember that authenticity, timeliness, and a solid why is more important than ever.

Here are the two fundamental things that you need to include in your pitch to resonate with the media right now.

  • One, be relevant. 

When tying your brand into the news cycle, don’t force yourself into it if it’s not appropriate. 

  • Two, be timely.
  1. What is your product or brand solving for right now?
  2. Is it relevant to what’s happening in the world?
  3. How does this tie into the current news cycle?
  4. Why should the reporter care right now?

Remember, this is not the time to be overly promotional. 

It will fall on deaf ears. 

Take time to connect with your why and explain how you can help people with your product or service during this time and lead with it.

Marketing 101: Humanizing social media

marketing 101

How many times have you tried to get in touch with a brand on their website and got no reply?

What’s the alternative action you will take? 

Will you reach them on their Social Media accounts? I will because there is more often a human being using those social media accounts. 

Social Media platforms are something that you can count for.

You learn that often your messages will not go in vain. 

As a communicator or a marketer, your social media strategy must be a leading priority, especially now.

Here’s another take on it.

Never has this country been so polarized, 

Social media has never become such a weapon. 

People have never been so open to speaking their minds and blasting other people and brands on social media.

Since it’s already minimum requirements that your brand has a social presence,

How do you invite customers to interact and be transparent and create a welcoming space to get people to engage with you productively?

Here are a few points to look at when developing your social media strategy as the world reopens.

1. Is your handle human? 

  • Are you paying attention to what’s happening in the world and acknowledging it?
  • Is your social media queued up on Hootsuite?

2. If people are asking questions on social media, 

  • How are you responding? With compassion or like a robot?

3. Are you providing resources to meet your customer’s needs

and what they’ve been dealing with?

  • How can your company, product, or service help them?

The idea of being authentic on social media and tapping into the psyche of your customer is not new. 

However, right now, it’s more important than ever. 

People want to connect.

So your social media must show that you want to as well.

Marketing 101: Talking about conferences safety and options

marketing 101 soulverz

Welcome everyone, We’re hosting the global tech conference again.

“Five thousand people will gather in the hotel ballroom for three days straight to learn about the latest innovations.”

How did that announcement make you feel?

Well, that made me a little tense. 

Of course, that may be awhile before those five thousand people can safely and comfortably go back to such a big conference or seminar. Isn’t it? 

Marketers have massive attendances at most discussions. 

But in this new normal, the presence needs to strengthen; whether the conference is in-person or online, your messaging needs to include details about options and safety.

Tips to check if you intend to host a big in-person conference, 

  • What are the health safety laws of the local community?
  • What are the rules of the facility and the guidelines you will enforce?
  • Do you require masks indoors, social distancing?
  • How will you handle meet and greets, social hours, and promotions?
  • What are the options?

Tips to check if you’re planning a remote event, 

  • Explain how participants will access the content. Example,
  •  How will you be streaming it? 
  • Will they receive the same quality of content as they expect from in-person events?
  • What experiences can they expect to have? 
  • If there are physical products or materials involved, how will they receive them?
  • And as you know, networking is crucial to these events; how will they do that online?
  • What medium do you have in place for attendees to find and connect?

Whatever direction you decide to go, communicate early and often and frankly, address the pain points for each scenario.

Your event must not emphasize a schedule of events but what you are doing to protect the participants’ safety and make them feel comfortable.

Wrapping up

The most important thing for every marketer to realize is to prioritize customer safety and well-being. 

Therefore, the primary thing is in the message of comfort. Rather than the promotions of your products. 

Meanwhile, product promotion is also essential for marketers, but that effect should relate to the safety measures you take to care for everybody. 

End of the day, health is wealth.