SQL with Python – Free Course (Download)

In this course, SQL with Python, you will learn the basics of connecting to a database, performing simple queries, and reading rows from a table. 

If you are familiar with SQL and Python, you can elevate your learning by understanding how these two computer languages interpret when combined. 

The course instructor, Billy Weinman, shows you the power of combining these two languages to building a wrapper class to streamline the SQL interface and support multiple database engines. 

You will also make a CRUD class and full-featured web application using the knowledge you gain from this course. 

Python is a powerful language for database applications, and its DB-API interface is an excellent tool for using SQL.

Not only that, Python supports multiple programming models that include structured, object-oriented and functional programming. 

SQL is a structured language use mainly for managing or streaming data held in RDMS (Relational Data Management System). 

SQL is a set-based, declarative programming language like C. It is one of the most widely used database languages. 

SQL with Python 


  1. Familiar with Python 3 like syntax, containers, lists, tuples and dictionaries, classes, objects, and modules. 
  2. Basic SQL knowledge like creating databases, tables and understand simple relational concepts. 
  3. Know how to install and manage software on your operating system. 
  4. Latest Python, MySQL server, either PyCharm or other working editors of Python installed. 

Alright then, let’s see the contents of the course to map your learning routine.



  • Use SQL with Python. 
  • Using the exercise files. 
  • What do you need for this course? 
  • Installing the tools. 

Common Interface

  • The Python DB-API. 
  • Creating a connection. 
  • Simple queries. 
  • Prepared statements.
  • Hello SQLite. 
  • Hello MySQL. 
  • Challenge. 
  • Solution.  

A CRUD class

  • The essential four. 
  • SQL wrapper. 
  • Adding CRUD methods. 
  • Using the module. 
  • Challenge and Solution. 

Final Project URL Shortener 

  • Defining the project. 
  • Testing a web application. 
  • Code demonstration. 
  • Touring the code. 
  • Challenge and solution.


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